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Nov 25, 2019

There has never been a more exciting time for artist's with a desire to teach and share their skills.

The internet has changed everything. We have never been more informed about what is out there and information is readily accessible and available. On the other hand we spend so much time sitting behind our computer screens that there is an increased longing to make and create with our hands.

It is as if a perfect storm is developing. And this is where the opportunities lie for artists. 

Sharing your skills will not only be a valuable experience for those willing to learn from you but it is also a great source of additional revenue so that you can continue to make your art.

Are you an artist and are you are thinking about sharing your skills with others?

Or are you already teaching but you have trouble filling your workshops or art events?

Then you are going to love this week’s episode.

In this episode I take you through my 4 step Workshop Success Framework.

This framework will help you:

  • Find what workshop is best for you,
  • What students are wanting to learn,
  • What makes a good teacher great,
  • How to outline your workshop idea,
  • Find the best ways to promote your workshop,
  • Stay connected with your students,
  • How to sell more than just your workshop.

This episode comes with a special workbook. Download the Workshop Success Framework and start taking bold steps to set up and run your own profitable art workshop.