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Apr 6, 2021

When his parents celebrated their wedding anniversary Ramon surprised them with a special gift. He turned a block of plaster into his very first piece of sculpture. He loved the process so much that he simply kept making and creating.

After being rejected by the art academy Ramon found his way and now tests the limits of his materials in his studio in The Netherlands where he makes personalized sculptures for private & business commissions both locally and around the globe.

In this episode Award-Winning Dutch Sculptor Ramon Schalkx shares more about his artist story and what motivates him to make his art. This episode is filled to the brim with practical tips and valuable insights into how artists can successfully win and complete art commissions.

As promised Ramon has prepared a special worksheet for artists looking to work on commissions. In this valuable document, Ramon explains the 4 steps that you can use to turn those often nerve-racking commissions into memorable occasions. 

Head over to my website to download this free special worksheet.

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