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Oct 4, 2019

In this busy art market it is sometimes difficult to stand out.

Discovering and developing your unique artistic style will help you create a coherent body of work that will set you apart from the rest.

When we hear the names of Degas, Van Gogh or Mondriaan images immediately appear in our minds. We envisage their paintings in front of us.

Artists that we remember and recognise have developed a distinct style.

Have you ever thought about your own style? What makes your art unique? How do you use colour, or paint or translate your subject matter?

There are many ingredients that determine our style.

In this podcast and blog  I look at some of these ingredients and answer these questions:

  • What makes our artistic style different than our artistic voice?
  • Is our artistic style found or discovered?
  • What keeps us from developing our own style?
  • Can imitating help us discover our artistic voice?
  • What three things can help us develop our own style?

You are unique and only you can paint, draw, design and create like YOU!

Enjoy this podcast

This episode comes with a free worksheet. You can download it on: