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Jan 21, 2020

In today’s episode we draw back the curtain and take a look at the role and work of an art curator. 

Aniko Ouweneel is my guest and shares how she uniquely weaves together her expertise as a cultural historian and her vast experience as an art curator. 

She has co-organized and designed more than 30 exhibitions, she has juried showed, authored books, lectures at universities and writes a regular art blog.

She is a member of the A. Toth Sander Art Foundation in which she treasures the art of her grandfather, A. Toth Sander; safeguarding the legacy of this world renown avant garde artist who exhibited with artists like Picasso and Leger.

I can safely say that she is an expert in her field and has art rooted deep within her DNA. 

Recently I had the privilege to work closely with her when she commissioned one of my textile installations for an exhibition celebrating the 700th year of city rights of Culemborg in The Netherlands.

I experienced first hand how the roles of curator, artist and themes intertwine to compose an art exhibition and I am convinced her insights will be of value to you.

In this episode Aniko Ouweneel shares more about:

  • The role of the curator,
  • What artists need to know when working with a curator,
  • The relationship between the theme, the art and the location,
  • A huge international exhibition she recently curated in the inner city of Amsterdam which attracted more than 10 000 visitors,
  • Find out what made this exhibition such a success.

Aniko shares some valuable insights to help artists develop their skills and grow in their art career.

This episode comes with a special resource. This practical guide is here for you to download and will help you find your pricing sweet spot and take the guessing out of pricing your art.