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Oct 29, 2020

Exhibiting your art is one of the most exciting and important aspects of a working artists life. 

For many artists, the validation and exposure of working with a gallery, is something they dream of and is often seen as the pinnacle of their artistic success. 

But is this realistic? How does the gallery world work?

There are many ways that you can exhibit your work and whether you choose a gallery or plan to only exhibit your own work, understanding gallery representation will help you find your best fit, plan ahead and make the best smart moves for your art and business.

I had the privilege to interview Dutch gallerist, David van der Linden for this episode.

David lifts the curtain to the world behind the gallery door and shares what artists need to know and understand when considering gallery representation. 

Find out more about David and his gallery here:

In this episode David mentions these amazing artists, go & check them out:

Tania Rivilis

Mitzy Renooy

Keimpe van der Kooi

Sam Drukker


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