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Sep 16, 2020

Many artists struggle to make that transition of creating art as a hobby and becoming a happy, thriving working artist. 

Making art use to be fun and something you did for pleasure. But now that you are venturing out, to turn your art into a job and a revenue stream, you need to consider things you never had to deal with before.

The more prepared you are for this exciting transition, turning your creativity into a job, the easier it will be to keep your joy and get your art made.

In this episode we'll be looking at the 8 things you need to consider when turning your creativity into a revenue stream.


Download this insightful resource to access the areas you need to focus on to make that smooth transition to become a better working artist.


In this CHECKLIST you'll discover:

  • If you are in the right headspace to transition from creating as a hobby to be a happy working artist,
  • If you have what it takes to turn your creativity into a consistent revenue stream,
  • Do you have a happy balance between creative thinking and a business mindset,
  • How healthy your boundaries are to get your art made without heading for a burnout,
  • How ready you are to handle the pressures that come with the working artist life.


Download the CHECKLIST here