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Nov 11, 2020

While the pandemic is real and continues to keep us in it’s grip there is a still larger enemy lurking in the shadows.

Whether you are aware of it or not there is a battle commencing. 

The fight is for your attention. 

1000’s of impulses nudges, pokes and pitches are thrown at you every minute begging you to stop and take notice. 

This is without a doubt the biggest battle of our time. Those that scream the loudest, poke the hardest, come up as winners.

Their prize is not only your attention but they plunder all that your 'attention' stands for.

They steal your talents, rob your dreams, snuff out your passions and will hold your future ransom. All those distractions are costing you dearly.

If you want to build that enjoyable, sustainable art business it’s important to detect who you are giving your attention to.

Your time is precious.

You may not have control over the rate those minutes, hours or days whiz by but you do have control over HOW you spend your time.

When you become aware HOW and to WHOM you are giving your attention, then can you get the control back and use all of that precious time to build your dreams, make your art and live the life you love!

In this episode we'll look at 5 hacks you can do today to find renewed focus to make and sell your art.

This episode comes with a worksheet and is free for you to download here: