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Mar 14, 2020

I hear artists say this all the time. 'If only I had a big break! If only I was so lucky.'

Sure, sometimes circumstances work in our favour but generally we need to just show up and get to work for it.

The sum of all the little things you do during your day will far outweigh the chances of a big break or a lucky strike to come your way.

So instead of waiting for fortune to come knocking or some lightning bolt to boost your art career, it is far more effective to set a goal, make a plan and get to work.

This starts by setting up an effective art routine. When you do something consistently, it will become second nature and overtime cost far less energy and effort.

In this 2nd episode of the 'What Successful Artists get Right' Series I will be looking how setting up an art routine will help you build continuity which will become the driving force behind a successful art career.

This episode comes with a free art resource and a worksheet including practical exercises to help you take your next steps toward making a living with your art and establishing an art career.